Thursday, 7 October 2010

Do you like to poof?

Would you take me seriosuly in this outfit?  I had an initial meeting with a client yesterday and of course deliberated over that to where.  You see i'm normally office based and we have a pretty relaxed policy at work which means when you need to be a bit smarter i'm all out of ideas!  Anyways, I wanted something that would be smart/casual but also something that wouldn't get completely ruined in the rain - damn you Britain and your rainy weather!

I'm loving this new nail varnish my sister gave me for my birthday - it's by Rococo and stays on forever.  The colour is delectably plumy, yum!


I bought this poof recently from Anthroplogie - i'm in love.  It's so poofy and bouncy, like a mini pom pom!

 Jacket: Primark  //  Ruffle blouse: New Look
Trousers: BDG via UO // Belt: Primark
Poof: Anthropologie  // Shoes: Primark

What are your verdicts then - yay/ney?

On a seperate note a dear friend of mine, James, is running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon with his brother this weekend to raise money for the MS society. It's a charity particularly close to both of their hearts as their mum suffers from MS and is wheelchair bound as a result.  If you fancy donating visit his fundraising page.  The weather is supposed to be lush this weekend (by that I mean sun, it is London afterall) so head on down to the parks (Hyde, Green and St James's) this Sunday 09.00-14.30. See you there!

And in case you're wondering who this man I talk of is, this is me and James on our birthday night a few weeks ago!


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  1. What a lovely combination of colours! This outfit is simply perfect! :o)



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