Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Cheap as chips

So you may have noticed things have changed a little on Clazzerati.  I thought it was time I gave my blog the proper love it deserved and what better way than a mini make-over.  I've now got proper headings and sections within the site: Who is She?, By Clazzerati and Events & Press so take a little nosey around and find out even more about Clazzerati. And let me know what you think, as always i appreciate your feedback.

I've also focused the blog a bit more.  For me, my love of fashion comes out of a joint appreciation for clothes and my desire to grab a bargain at any opportunity.  Most of my clothes are from the cheaper high-street stores and I thrive on getting anything half-price.  So, I thought why not highlight this through my outfits that I post.  From now on i'll be disclosing exactly how much I paid, so you too can grab yourself some bargainous fashion.  I hope you likey.  I'm also hoping to make more of my own clothes, like this 60s dress i'm wearing here that I made last year.  If you've got any questions about making your own clothes e-mail me at and i'll be happy to answer!

Dress, By Clazzerati £9
Tights, Primark £1
Shoes, Primark £11.50
Bracelet, Primark £1.50
Bag, vintage £25

Have you got any fun plans tonight?  It's London Cocktail Week this week so i'm off to the Roxy bar in London Bridge to watch Tom Cruise in his glory days, pre-scientology weirdness, in Cocktail.  They've still got tickets left and for only £5 you get two cocktails and the screening of Cocktail thrown in - bargain central! xx


  1. Ahhh at the risk of repeating myself AGAIN, I love this vintage vibe on you!
    great tapestry bag x

  2. I love your blog, especially the one about The LOOK Show. Glad you enjoyed the day!

  3. Lara - thanks for your sweet comment, i'll be sure to check by your blog soon!

    Nic - if i could wear vintage everyday I would, I just can't find it that often! x


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