Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The weekend that was Besteeeeeeeeeeval

Festival hand on the first day. So clean.

My homemade costume!

Best not to ask.

The shiek and Ariel

Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Ariel

Not quite a man-sized hole, but a hole none-the-less.

Flash Gordan, the shiek and the King of Hearts

Ariel and Snow White

The shiek and Ariel

Tissue! Soon to be burning boot.

Cocktails and Dreams

The boys push while the girls watch


I'm back in the land of the living, just! Wowzers, what a weekend it was!

In summary:
  • The boys were late picking us up so we missed our ferry. Nothing unusual there.
  • On the drive down we saw two flying tents on the A3. Some girls had strapped them to the roof of the car. Not very well as it happens.
  • The van broke down, twice. It also set fire for a bit, that was pretty entertaining.
  • I found my bikini bottoms in the tent that I lost during our trip to France back in June.
  • Dizzee Rascal was awesome. And I am quite annoying continually chanting 'Let's go, let's go, let's go' while we wait.
  • People are very friendly in toilet queues.
  • Anything goes for fancy dress - see photo #3.
  • Sausages can be eaten for five consecutive meals without getting boring.
  • I would be quite happy dressed as a mermaid everyday.
  • Cocktails and Dreams is THE best venue ever.
  • Rain is ok for four hours. Sun is much better.
  • When you forget your vans keys, climbing on the roof and tearing through the net is acceptable behaviour. See photo #6.
  • When the sun goes down peeing anywhere, as long as there is grass, pretty much becomes the norm.
  • Mocha chai tea is the best.
  • I am getting old.
  • Fantasy is fun, but you have to come back to reality at some point.
It's good to be back, I missed you!

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  1. ah your outfit is just amazing! great choice of Ariel too xxx

  2. You really made Nick miss home with this blog! Love the summary!! So funny!


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