Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Too old to wear kids clothes? Never!

 These photos were taken by my mama last week. I dropped the Bot off at Heathrow airport early doors and then headed to Muswell Hill for breakfast with mam before we went to an antiques fair at Alexandra Palace.  Since writting this blog i've noticed that I plan my meals a lot - well, you can't be expected to wonder around a fair without stocking up on energy first, surely not!  The weather had (I thought) turned decidedly autumnal which in turn influenced my outfit choice.  I got these tights last year and despite the Bot hating them with a passion, I love them.  They remind me those thick wooly tights I used to wear at school.  And when my friend Claire at work told me her daughter Bella (who may I add is about 2) had a similar pair I did start to question whether they were still appropriate for a 28 year old.  But then I thought again and said b*llocks to it.  We get censored enough in this day and age without inforcing our own censorships upon us!

 Dress: Handmade by me  //  Cardigan: Primark
Tights:  Accessorize  //  Fur stole: via the Bot's mum
Shoes: Primark

And old Clazzerati has been featured in a couple of places on the tinterweb this past week or so too!

At The Look Show I was snapped by their street style photographer - what is going on with my face I do not know, clearly i'm a little awkward posing for pics when the Bot isn't around!

And secondly, i've got a post up over at New Look's blog, reporting on the The Look Show, so take a look if you get a sec. The Clazzerati love is being spread this week, world domination here I come!

Hope your weeks are going well one and all. x



  1. tights+cardi look so cute together :D great pics x

  2. I love the outfit you're wearing! I always find when I'm busy too it is easiest to plan meals, that way you don't have to worry about it, but then I find myself thinking about how I get to eat some delicious meal several hours away haha

  3. Love your outfit!

  4. hello - just to let you know-
    you got an award! check it out on my blog!

  5. I wanna say : We are never too old :)
    It's so sweet ! :)
    Thank you for your comment !

  6. great great look my lovely!
    i'm a total sucker for a fur stole

    i am not surprised that shot was featured it's absolutely gorrrrgeous

  7. you look beautiful! :)

    love kerry



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