Monday, 6 September 2010

Errr, do you know who I am?

Bonjour lovely people. Please excuse the slightly posey "I'm a superstar!" nature of some of these shots but the Bot and I were mucking around a lot. I don't take myself too seriously, so please don't either!

So how was everyone's weekend? Fun times?

Mine was the perfect combo, love it when that happens. The Bezza, Anna, is back from Australia so there was muchos catch up to be had on Friday. We had a girlie night in Soho with lots of dnacing and singing. And then Saturday was spent brunching and buying material and costume bits for Bestival this weekend, i'm too excited. Although the forecast is currently for rain, oh dear. Anways, I finished my mermaid costume (pics later in the week) and I also made a disco-red-riding cape for my friend Abby who is going as Little Red Riding Hood. Ah, I love dressing up; alter-egos come out to play! And then Sunday we had a lovely family lunch back at home at Sopwell House, a country house near my mum's. Back in the day all the footballers used to stay here before big matches in London. I remember my dad taking me down to see the Manchester United team once, I was so excited about seeing Ryan Giggs, ha ha!

Dress: New Look // Lace top: Geoge at Asda
Scarf: Warehouse // Belt: Primark // Shoes: Primark
Bracelet:gift // Bag: Peacocks

Any plans for your Monday evenings, or are you just having a chilled one? I'm off to a new product launch for No7 which they are billing as "the biggest skincare launch of the year." I'm certainly intrigued! I'm acutally a massive No7 fan and use their Protect & Perfect intensive serum and day & night creams, so i'm hoping for another winning product! As long as the damn tube strikes don't get in my way.

Whatever you're doing tonight, make it a good one. xx

And hello to the new followers **waves** - thanks for stopping by, muchos appreciated! xx


  1. Tell us more about the No7 thing

  2. Ha! Sure you look fantastic werking out, nothing to apologise for hin ;)
    I look more of a dweeb when i'm not posing as opposed to pouting etc!!

    Can't wait to see these costumes

  3. You look goreous. Love the stripes and sleeves


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