Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Beauty update - No7 product launch

Apologies for the non-post yesterday. Work just kinda took over and then I was dashing about sorting bits for Bestival which left no time for blogging.

So Monday evening I went to the gorgeously grand Landmark Hotel near Edgeware Road. This place was seriously swank, beautifully lit and had this amazing inside courtyard with giant palm trees. To say I felt out of place in my jeans was an understatement!

So, drum-roll please......the new product range from No7 is...

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense with 5-star rated UVA protection

The first of it's kind. Still not sounding like much? Well, let me explain.

Like me I expect you only think about sun protection and 'factors' when you're off on holiday. You might have a day cream with factor 15, but was that a conscious decision? Do you think about UVA and UVB rays?
Apparantly 83% of women did not realise that they should be protecting their skin from UVA rays outside of their annual holiday. Yup, that would be me then.

A new study from Boots looked at the effects of UVA exposure on skin hydration, barrier function and firmness and finally visible signs of ageing.

Take a look at these two pictures:

This lady has been driving for 33 years. Look at the difference between the left and right-hand sides, purely due to the prolonged exposure the left-hand side gets because it is next to the window. Shocking. Something to think about, non?

This new cream from Boots is the first 5-star rated daily moisturiser in the UK. And it's anti-aging. I'm pretty much sold. And it feels good and smells nice too. There is the smallest hint of suntan lotion to the cream, but I kinda like that. It's not greasy, nor heavy, which was very important to me. I actually use the now 'old' version of the day cream (and being a Boots product means I can take advantage of the 3for2 offers Boots have so regularly) and so if they've made it even better what's not to love? Use it in combo with the serum, which is delightyfully light and silky (I also use this one, this is genuine love!).

Damage to your purse-strings:
No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream, £20.50 for 50ml. One pot should last you about three months but my last pot has lasted almost five.

They are also launching a range for men - I know what the Bot's getting for Christmas, ha ha!

The product line launches today, get involved! xx

All products were given to me courtesy of Boots and No.7. And I haven't been paid to write this article. xx


  1. With the big 3-0 looming those pictures scare me! I might have to give this a go - anything to avoid looking my age.

  2. Nice post! I'm loving your blog, I'm a new follower x

  3. Hi Claz, no need to apologise, I have days where I skip posting, too: it happens. I read some interview somewhere with Garance Dore, she said the same thing: she posts when the mood strikes. I think long as we post regularly - even in the early day/months when it feels no one is coming - it's good for the soul and it gets people realising we're actively blogging, but some days, life takes over.

    It's funny I came here to copy my (very long) response to your comment yesterday and this post is relevant. The ageing thing (you'll see). I love No7 as a brand, mostly because I love their Chanelesque packaging. For face cream I get these wonderful natural shea butter scented creams from a woman who sells from her home in KANSAS of all places. The packaging is dire but I put some in nice black top glass jars - which look a lot like Chanel/No7 packaging, come to think of it.

    Anyway sorry so chatty - better close here - my reply to you is on the comments for 'to everything'. It's a long way of saying thank you, you made my day ; ) xx


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