Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scarfing it up

Sorry for being so slack the last couple of days. Work has been crazy busy, i've been too tired to take any shots, let alone post any on the blog. But i'm back, "phew!" I hear you cry (did you even notice i'd gone?!)

At the beginning of the
month Liberty showcased some step-by-setp guides on how to tie a scarf. After reading about it again on Susie Bubble's blog (i know it's called Style Bubble, I just always called it Susie Bubble, i'm sure she won't mind) it inspired me to have a little play around too. If like me you only wash your hair every other day, despite the life-saving amazing product that is dry shampoo, I still feel like my hair is a little 'blah' on the in-between days. Et voila, add a bit of scarf-age and you're heading for happy-head town in a jiffy.

The Bot and I are real homies (and by that I don't mean like we are totally street) - we really love being at home. So that, combined with my love of The Wizard of OZ, led me to stick this quote on the corridor by the entrance to our house. It reads, "There's no place like home." Glenda the good witch couldn't have been more right.

Jeans: BDG// Jumper: UO // Shoes: Primark // Scarf: Present from the lovely Lucy

Anyone else feeling that distinctive autumnal smell in the air? The seasons are defintely on the change and now my little booties have had their first outing i'm on a one-way ticket to autumn-ville and welcoming my alter-wardrobe with pleasure. One thing I have noticed though is that there seem to be two camps forming with regards to the changing season.

1. In the first camp you have those who have accepted that summer is enevitably over and are happy to dig out their old warmer-wardrobe and happily walk down to the tube enjoying that perfect blue sky and the hint of freshness in the air (I am most definitely in this camp).

2. And in the other corner you have those women who seem to be desperately clinging on to the last gasps of summer, and despite news in the papers and the weather-people stating that autumn is here, they refuse to believe. They still don their summer floral flocks and scuffle to work in their flip-flops and then moan when (and I really can't believe they're surprised) it rains. Errr hello, have you forgotten where we live?

So which camp are you in?

Happy (little bit left of) Wednesday lovely readers xoxo

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  1. Thank god for headscarves on blah hair days...i seem to have alot!
    You look great in it too

    I'm with you on the first sniff of autumn, my poor trees are confused and some have started to shed their leaves already...time to start digging the woolies out!


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