Friday, 20 August 2010

Pussycat, pussycat, I love you...

No fashion or style today peeps. Instead a little Friday fun from Simon's cat. People say you're either a cat person, or a dog person. I'm the former and the Bot and I desperately want to get one, but both agree we're not ready for the commitment just yet!

If you have a cat you'll be able to relate to this. Simon is extremely witty and his cat, well, how can you resist...

Have wonderful weekends all.

I've got my first blogger event tomorrow at the Sanctum
Soho Hotel for Dove VisibleCare and Visible effects. I know it's not cool but I am very excited. My first venuture as a blogger, he he! And then i'm off bridesmaid shopping and house-partying and most definitely relaxing. It's been an exhausting week so I need some chill-out time.

Enjoy lovelies xoxo


  1. Simon's cat is truely brilliant...and so true after living with two cats since March x

  2. am totally a dog person...

    good luck at the blogger event! hope it goes really well! can't wait to hear about it! xx

  3. great post!

    great blog!

    i followed u!

    thanx for visitin!

    pls keep in touch!

    and follow me back if u fancy:)


  4. aww good luck for the blogger event.

  5. Loving Simon's cat! Hope u have fun at the blogger event


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