Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The mighty bush

Ah the mighty bush. A regular feature in many an English garden. Well, not in my garden anymore! Yup, I finally opted to have the laser treatement. I'm sure all you ladies have thought about it at some point, "But it costs so much!" well I finally caved. Yes, it's expensive, and yes it hurts, but I can't go on for another 50 years debating weather to shave/wax/epilate every bloody day and I certainly don't want to deal with those horrid in-between days either. And don't get me started on those in-grown babies, urgh. There are many offers flying around with Groupon at the moment but I have to say that for something this intimate I went on personal recommendation, so I went to Sk:n in Victoria, London. The staff there are really lovely and compelety put me as ease straight away, depite my slight panic beforehand after a friend at work told me it was "the most painful thing ever." It wasn't the most painful, but i'm not gonna lie, it wasn't exactly pleasant.

The wonderful Garance Dore (girlfriend of Scott Schuman of The Satorialist fame) also had it done last year. If you've never been to her blog before check it out. She is not only an amazing fashion photographer but an amazing writer too. It's her writting that always draws me in. She is incredibly witty and typically French, writing how I can only image exactly as she talks, something I love. Here is a sample of her conversation that she posted on her blog when she decided to 'rid the bush' (you can check out the whole post here).


“Wait wait wait Garance… Garance? Wait but Garance but but but Garance Garance Garance…”


“You haven’t yet?” a slight iciness in her voice.

“Wait, what?”

“Gotten lasered! No no no no no. You haven’t gotten lasered yet?”

“Bah no! Why, did you yourself or something?”

“Bah ouais, bien sûr!”

I turn toward Marie, “Wait, you had it done Marie?”

“Bah ouais! This way I’m always at my best. And now there is no reason to say no to going back home with a guy. Such a tragedy. My life since : devil may care. You want me to tell you about my devil-may-care lifestyle?”

Okay, maybe not on here. But no worries, just in case, I’m not using your real name. And Laeti, save me here. Tell me you didn’t do it too?

“Oh yes I did! Bien sûr. What do you take me for? Smooth as a baby’s bottom all day every day.”

Merde. But this isn’t happening. I got an appointment straight-away with my dear dermo and a few days later, I’m wearing some pink panties with bows on them, some protective sunglasses very Margielaesque, or almost at least, pink ones sitting right atop my nose.

“Those have to be Fifi Chachnil!!!” my beautician says to me pointing a laser at my crotch.

“H&M” I say back with a sly chuckle.


Dove post will be tomorrow i'm afraid as I totally forgot to transfer the photos from my camera, doh! xx

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  1. ahhh scary! anything with the word "laser" in it worries me a little - must be a deep-seated fear originating from when i was younger and was repeatedly told that my little toy laser could blind me in an instant and that it was a dangerous bad thing. i digress. i missed this post of garance's, i love how she's so frank about getting it done!

    ps. lovely picture in your last post :)



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