Monday, 23 August 2010

Like birds of a feather

Saturday was the most perfect of days. Up early and at the Dove event by mid-morning (i'll post all about this tomorrow) and then bridesmaid dress shopping with my bessies. And we actually got the dresses! We were expecting to make a few trips to different shops (there are five bridesmaids ranging from 12-27, yes, i'm the oldest, doh!) but we all agreed on the same one, result. And we got to see the wedding dress. She looks absolutley stunning in it. Cullers is the first of my close, close friends (the inner circle so to speak) to get married and i'm so excited for her. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with her family, drinking all her mums wine and prosecco and chatting away merrily, a perfect Saturday really!

I'm loving this shade of grey on my nails. What do you think? This was the end result of my free manicure on Sat and i'm still chipless, wonderful!

After all the chat last week about headgear, and Georgi's comments about feathers being a 'timeless classic', it reminded me about this feather headband I bought a little while back but hadn't got round to wearing yet. Does anyone else buy things online and during the waiting period wonder how on earth you are going to survive without that and then for some reason or other when it arrives you just don't get around to wearing it? Just me? Ok then! I got this headband a few weeks ago from an independent ebay seller who makes all her own stuff. She has a pretty collection of headbands, fascinators and clips and everything is very reasonably priced, get involved! I love the highstreet but it's good to support all the independent sellers out there who do an amazing job, go DIY-ers!

This is my go-to comfy dress for when i'm lacking in inspiration. One of my bessies used to work at Topshop and every now and then would give me a bagful of sample stuff (oh how I miss those days!). This was one of those dresses and one of the few sample pieces that has actually stood the test of time as it must be about three years old now. Do you have a go-to dress when you're having an off-day?

Dress: Sample from Topshop // Leggings: H&M
// Shoes: Primark // Feather headband: eBay

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and wishes for my first blogger event. Apologies if I sounds all gushy but receiving your comments means so much. It's great to know that people are actually reading my little ol' blog, let alone taking the time to write on it. Massive thanks to you lot - you inspire me to keep on with my random brain dumps and my 'outfits of the day' - even when I feel like poop I want to take the photos to share with you, so big thanks! xoxo


  1. I love this look on you Clara...especially the red lips! This autumn/winter is going to be about the classic red lips look. Devilishy demure and a super, hot sexy way to fox up an outfit. I use a red Mac lipstick which wears really well on a night out - blot three times and no need to reapply! Although after seeing legend Vanessa Paradis as the new face of Chanel - sporting red lips -I really want to try their shade of red lipstick! What is it about red lipstick that makes you feel so womanly!?! Georgi

  2. You look stunning! I adore that nail polish too. x


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