Friday, 13 August 2010

Left, right, left. Left, right, left.

Ok, so we all know i'm a lover of the high-street, but Peacocks are totally uping their game right now. I had a little splurge (although with their prices, it's hardly a splurge) this week and got some gems. I'm loving this military cardigan and vintage-esk mock-crock bag. And at £5 for the bag, you can't really go wrong! I originally bought it to wear to festivals (cheap, light, practical but no biggy if someone pinches it). But now i'm thinking this is going to be one of my fave new accessoires, go figure!

This is my - "Ronan, what are you doing, i'm waiting!" pose. He sees it quite a lot. Sorry hun, I really appreciate you taking the shots!

Dress: Primark // Cardgian: Peacocks //Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Primark // Bag: Peacocks // Earrings: Accessorize

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? Following on from my fancy dress post i'll have more pictures to share with you next week as i'm going to another fancy dress party on Saturday, and i'm going as Cinderella! The theme is actually Rule Brittania, but we couldn't think of anything to go to as a group, but then (with a little help from our fave bar lady) we (she) came up with the idea of Panto. It's gonna be great. We have a Cinderella, two ugle sisters, a fairy godmother and possibly a pumkin. I'll share all next week!

Have a good one lovelies, see you next week! xoxo

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  1. I'm loving that Peacocks cardi and bag, too! Great finds. Love the fun poses! x


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