Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I'm like dove, I wanna fly away...

The Dove Visible Effects range

So Saturday was my first proper blogger event. Exciting times indeed! The lovely people from Dove invited me to the Sanctum Soho hotel on Saturday to try out their product range, Dove Visible Effects. I arrived at the rather lovely hotel late on Saturday morning with my friend Steph (they kindly allowed everyone to bring a plus one) and we proceeded to take the sumptuous velvet elevator to the roof terrace. A warm welcome was given to us on arrival, along with scrummy sweets and an attentive bar man ready and waiting to take our drinks order. We were then whisked off to get out nails done by the lovely ladies at WAH nails. Steph and I opted for a plain varnish but they had a great range of colours. I chose a steel grey colour, not too dissimilar to the Chanel colour of Spring 2010. I don't take that good care of my nails if i'm perfectly honest, but I do love a good manicure. It's now Wednesday and the colour still hasn't chipped - makes a change from my usual No.17 polish that chips after about 10 hours!

After our nails had been preened to perfection it was over to a briefing session with the lovely 'Now here's the science bit' representative from Dove. She explained all about how you skin works on many levels and how the products we use only work on the very top surface of the skin.

Body wash range

We started off with the Dove VisibleCare Creme body wash which has been formulated with a unique Dove NutriumMoisture technology of blended lipids and glycerin. To you and I that means it contains moisturisers that we naturally have in our skin! But getting down to the important bit (smell, effectiveness and cost) the body wash was typical of what you'd expect from Dove: clean, fresh and simple. The product is true to its name and visibly full of moisturising goodness. In fact if you put it in a jar and turn it upside, it won't spill. Hefty stuff. But it walks the talk.

The Dove body wash is on the left, on the right was another moisturising body wash. Can you see the difference in the bubbles? I was at the event for about an hour and the bubbles didn't go down at all!

The other two products we looked at were the Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion and the Dove Visible Effects Hand Cream. I'm quite a hand cream fan and if i'm honest, the product did linger on the skin rather too long for my liking. The lady explained unlike other hand creams, the Dove Visible Effects doesn't disappear after an hour, but rather continues to moisturise throughout the day. This is because it contains a patented Multi-Layer Complex.

Body lotion and hand creams

I took the products to my friends to test. Two out of three found the hand cream a little too sticky, but the hand cream addict amongst us loved it, and loved the feeling that the product didn't just disappear after 10 minutes. I've actually continued to use the hand cream and found that if I apply just a tiny amount the stickiness disappears - turns out I was clearly using too much so it's even better value for your dosh!

The body lotion received a big thumbs up all round!

Pretty flowers

All in all i'd definitely recommend all three products. All are long-lasting, clean smelling and fresh with a recession-friendly price-tag!

Dove VisibleCare Creme body wash: £3.32 RRP
Dove Visible Effects body lotion: £4.99 RRP
Dove Visible Effects hand cream: £3.29 RRP

Just some cool imagery I saw on the side of the Liberty building!

...and in case you hadn't figured it out, all products were received courtesy of Dove!


  1. oh this looks like it was a really fun event. i think dove products are great. i really like their ad campaigns and i've never been disappointed by their products. glad to hear you were pleased with the event and the items they were showcasing! xx

  2. Ahhh, jealous much? I love Dove, especially their deodrant (I know that's really sad!)



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