Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Howdy peeps, did you have a good bank holiday? I'd like to say mine was nice and relaxing but I spent all weekend partying and recovering and partying some more - you only live once, right?

Something funny did happen on Friday though when I was round a friend's house. Turns out quite a few of the Bot's friends are secret readers of the blog and found my bush post rather amusing (Pee wee, you can't hide up in the north matey!). Although it was rather weird talking about something so personal, I loved the fact that the blog was being read by so many people that I had no idea about! Sometimes it feels like only a handful of people are reading my ramblings. Especially as i'm only new in the blogosphere and only starting to attract new followers. There are the lovely bloggers who i've 'met' since starting the blog (Platform Princess, The Style Crusader, Vint Junky) who comment regularly, but without the comments it can feel a bit like you're chatting to no-one. Still, as Jill over at Polka Dot commented the other day - "there's a certain freedom in knowing that no one is reading this". For Jill this is because her readers are on holiday, not because she doesn't have lots of followers, but you get my gist! Maybe I do feel like I can talk about anything because it feels like no-one is reading. Or perhaps because my computer screen is offering a protective shield. Whatever it is, i'll continue to write and be frank about my life. Afterall, that's why I started this blog!

Dress: H&M // Tights: Primark // Boots: New Look
Scarf: UO // Sunflower: eBay lady

And here are a few snaps from Carnival...due to my own stupidity I didn't make it down to Norman Jay Good Times but I made it down for Monday and stumbled upon Gaz's Rockin Blues - so much fun! 'mazing tunes and awesome outfits. Sorry there aren't more and the quality isn't great. I only had the little camera and I normally forget to take shots as i'm having too much fun!

Ah how I love thee carnival! When half of London makes their way over to Notting Hill anything goes, everyone parties, we're dancing in the street and having a ball.

I was wondering around yesterday and started thinking about the size 0 debate. If ever there was a place where women of every size and colour are celebrated it is here at carnvial. I spend most of my time staring in amazement at women's bottoms, for here they truely do come in every size imaginable and that difference is celebrated. Not once did I hear anyone saying, "Ooo, she's be better if she lost a few pounds" or "Wouldn't she look better if she was a size 6". In fact when it comes to the size of one's derriere at carnival it seems the bigger the better! Quite freshing really. My non-conforming bottom certainly thought so.

Enjoy your weeks lovelies xx

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