Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Dress to impress

Ah the mid-week point of joy, how I love thee. And with two sessions at the gym under my belt i'm feeling a-ok.

In the absence of any OOTD (i'm afraid the boyf is away and despite numerous attempts at creating a make-shift tripod with chairs and boxes the end result is still blurry and lop-sided)
I thought i'd post my dress-up pic from Jacques Townhouse last week. And I have to say ever since then i've become rather partial to a pair of gloves. I'm not talking about those little knitted mittens things of cold winter days (although I do love these also), but rather the dainty, satin lady-like gloves of times gone by. Such a small accessory can add so much glamour. Think Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O. Wear them to the wrist or full-length to the elbow. Vogue has also listed gloves as one of 'the' trends of Autumn/Winter 2010/11 (I know, i'm so on-trend right now, ha, ha).

Grace Kelly // Oscar winner, 1955

Audrey Hepburn // iconic doesn't even begin to describe this lady

And seeing as we're on the dressing-up theme I thought i'd post a few old fancy dress pics of mine - I'm rather partial to a bit of fancy dress!

Faux cowgirl // Circa 2007


Uni days circa 2003 // Snow White, 2006

Rollar disco 2008 // Xmas 2008 // Bestival 2009

Hen party 2000 // Race for Life 2009

Bestival 2009 // Bestival 2008 // Rollar Disco 2008

Snow White, 2006 // Hat party 2008


  1. ha! brilliant!! Love the fancy dress pics, they made me smile

    You look so gorgeous in first photo hon, you really suit that retro vibe


  2. Thanks for your lovely comment ;-)

    I laughed at loud at this. Looks like you have so much fun, the Bestival Geisha 2008 pic is the best!

    The first shot is adorable, you and your friend look lovely.


  3. I enjoy lo0king at your pictures. Glad u had fun.


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