Thursday, 19 August 2010

'aving a right old knees up

Pussycat doll (I can't remember the source i'm afraid)

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This trend has been bubbling away for a while now, but as we edge into autumn will you be embracing this look? Over-the-knee socks act as a sort of shoe/boot extension, a mock thigh-boot if you will. But much cheaper than real leather. There are the obvious 'cautions' to watch out for. I'm not one to impose rules, far from it, but these are just my topline thoughts. For starters I don't think this is a look you're gonna be wearing to work. Office work that is. Unless you're looking for a quick promotion of course. And I really think you might have to have 'yoof' on your side. I'm not slapping an age limit on here, but this look could quite easily ignite the term 'mutton dressed as lamb'. I'm just saying. That being said, I frickin- love this look and if I had the legs, i'd jumping on that bandwagon in a heartbeat. If fact, I may still jump on, but maybe within the safe walls of home, and only so I can practise my best Risky Business impression.

Happy Thursday lovelies xoxo

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  1. i like this look in theory. it looks pretty cool in editorials on blogs etc. but in reality i think it's a bit tart-ish. more often than not it looks slutty and unless you have seriously stick thin legs you get a bulky fat thing going on where the socks end. i don't think this is a good look in real life. however, with that said - i think i might prefer it when it gets colder over tights... as an extra boost of warmth. but with bare legs and shorts skirts... i think it's seriously easy to have go seriously wrong. xx

  2. I wish I hadn't held back so much, you are so right!! Love your suggestion of wearing them over tights though, that is definitely more wearable. Watch this space xx

  3. There are not many that can rock a scarf like you Clazabelles - I would like to see more headwear generally - I love the 40's and 50's style for both men and women.

    I am also a bit of a fan of feathers in my hair...might be a bit last summer but I think that feathers are a timeless classic.

    Can't wait for winter so I can start to wear my favourite Reiss Trilby!

    Big love from Big G xxx

  4. Thanks G! I agree, feathers are a timeless classic, on their own or with a hat. Doubling up headgear is even better, roll on autumn I say! xx


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