Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Howdy peeps, did you have a good bank holiday? I'd like to say mine was nice and relaxing but I spent all weekend partying and recovering and partying some more - you only live once, right?

Something funny did happen on Friday though when I was round a friend's house. Turns out quite a few of the Bot's friends are secret readers of the blog and found my bush post rather amusing (Pee wee, you can't hide up in the north matey!). Although it was rather weird talking about something so personal, I loved the fact that the blog was being read by so many people that I had no idea about! Sometimes it feels like only a handful of people are reading my ramblings. Especially as i'm only new in the blogosphere and only starting to attract new followers. There are the lovely bloggers who i've 'met' since starting the blog (Platform Princess, The Style Crusader, Vint Junky) who comment regularly, but without the comments it can feel a bit like you're chatting to no-one. Still, as Jill over at Polka Dot commented the other day - "there's a certain freedom in knowing that no one is reading this". For Jill this is because her readers are on holiday, not because she doesn't have lots of followers, but you get my gist! Maybe I do feel like I can talk about anything because it feels like no-one is reading. Or perhaps because my computer screen is offering a protective shield. Whatever it is, i'll continue to write and be frank about my life. Afterall, that's why I started this blog!

Dress: H&M // Tights: Primark // Boots: New Look
Scarf: UO // Sunflower: eBay lady

And here are a few snaps from Carnival...due to my own stupidity I didn't make it down to Norman Jay Good Times but I made it down for Monday and stumbled upon Gaz's Rockin Blues - so much fun! 'mazing tunes and awesome outfits. Sorry there aren't more and the quality isn't great. I only had the little camera and I normally forget to take shots as i'm having too much fun!

Ah how I love thee carnival! When half of London makes their way over to Notting Hill anything goes, everyone parties, we're dancing in the street and having a ball.

I was wondering around yesterday and started thinking about the size 0 debate. If ever there was a place where women of every size and colour are celebrated it is here at carnvial. I spend most of my time staring in amazement at women's bottoms, for here they truely do come in every size imaginable and that difference is celebrated. Not once did I hear anyone saying, "Ooo, she's be better if she lost a few pounds" or "Wouldn't she look better if she was a size 6". In fact when it comes to the size of one's derriere at carnival it seems the bigger the better! Quite freshing really. My non-conforming bottom certainly thought so.

Enjoy your weeks lovelies xx

Friday, 27 August 2010

Crazy, crazy for feeling so bluuuuue

Lookbook - does she remind anyone else of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?
It's the lips, but also the brown polka dot top - really similiar to the dress she wears when she goes to the polo match.

Design*Sponge (an old mirror transformed into a key holder)

Ruche - like one giant corsage, awesome

Lookbook - I love this backless romper andi'm a sucker for a bike with a basket!

Ruffled - I love the detailing on the back of this wedding dress. I sometimes think the back of your wedding dress is more important than the front, seeing as that's what most people will be staring at for the majority of the day!

The Design Files - have you got the song stuck in your head now too?

Ruffled - a wedding + a cool bike. Love this girl.

Ruffled -think I might have to store this one somewhere for future reference!

This week has been rather hectic whic means OOTD posts have gone out of the window i'm afraid. Plus this horrid drizzly excuse for weather that has been hanging over London of late hasn't left me in the best of moods. I miss summer!

Anyways, I hope this pictures from around the world will bring a little happiness to your Friday. It's the August bank holiday this weekend which = no work on Monday, yipee! And that means it is carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnival time. I'll be down by the Good Times bus if anyone else is there on Sunday. Apologies in advance but i'll be dancing like a crazy lady- why does partying during the day always seem way more fun? Almost like you're not supposed to be doing it?

Have wonderful weekend all. As always, thanks for all your wonderful comments, you guys rock! And if you're a regular visitor why not let me know by following me with Google Friend Connect, it only takes a sec! Ok, enough, enough, enjoy your weekends!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I'm like dove, I wanna fly away...

The Dove Visible Effects range

So Saturday was my first proper blogger event. Exciting times indeed! The lovely people from Dove invited me to the Sanctum Soho hotel on Saturday to try out their product range, Dove Visible Effects. I arrived at the rather lovely hotel late on Saturday morning with my friend Steph (they kindly allowed everyone to bring a plus one) and we proceeded to take the sumptuous velvet elevator to the roof terrace. A warm welcome was given to us on arrival, along with scrummy sweets and an attentive bar man ready and waiting to take our drinks order. We were then whisked off to get out nails done by the lovely ladies at WAH nails. Steph and I opted for a plain varnish but they had a great range of colours. I chose a steel grey colour, not too dissimilar to the Chanel colour of Spring 2010. I don't take that good care of my nails if i'm perfectly honest, but I do love a good manicure. It's now Wednesday and the colour still hasn't chipped - makes a change from my usual No.17 polish that chips after about 10 hours!

After our nails had been preened to perfection it was over to a briefing session with the lovely 'Now here's the science bit' representative from Dove. She explained all about how you skin works on many levels and how the products we use only work on the very top surface of the skin.

Body wash range

We started off with the Dove VisibleCare Creme body wash which has been formulated with a unique Dove NutriumMoisture technology of blended lipids and glycerin. To you and I that means it contains moisturisers that we naturally have in our skin! But getting down to the important bit (smell, effectiveness and cost) the body wash was typical of what you'd expect from Dove: clean, fresh and simple. The product is true to its name and visibly full of moisturising goodness. In fact if you put it in a jar and turn it upside, it won't spill. Hefty stuff. But it walks the talk.

The Dove body wash is on the left, on the right was another moisturising body wash. Can you see the difference in the bubbles? I was at the event for about an hour and the bubbles didn't go down at all!

The other two products we looked at were the Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion and the Dove Visible Effects Hand Cream. I'm quite a hand cream fan and if i'm honest, the product did linger on the skin rather too long for my liking. The lady explained unlike other hand creams, the Dove Visible Effects doesn't disappear after an hour, but rather continues to moisturise throughout the day. This is because it contains a patented Multi-Layer Complex.

Body lotion and hand creams

I took the products to my friends to test. Two out of three found the hand cream a little too sticky, but the hand cream addict amongst us loved it, and loved the feeling that the product didn't just disappear after 10 minutes. I've actually continued to use the hand cream and found that if I apply just a tiny amount the stickiness disappears - turns out I was clearly using too much so it's even better value for your dosh!

The body lotion received a big thumbs up all round!

Pretty flowers

All in all i'd definitely recommend all three products. All are long-lasting, clean smelling and fresh with a recession-friendly price-tag!

Dove VisibleCare Creme body wash: £3.32 RRP
Dove Visible Effects body lotion: £4.99 RRP
Dove Visible Effects hand cream: £3.29 RRP

Just some cool imagery I saw on the side of the Liberty building!

...and in case you hadn't figured it out, all products were received courtesy of Dove!

The mighty bush

Ah the mighty bush. A regular feature in many an English garden. Well, not in my garden anymore! Yup, I finally opted to have the laser treatement. I'm sure all you ladies have thought about it at some point, "But it costs so much!" well I finally caved. Yes, it's expensive, and yes it hurts, but I can't go on for another 50 years debating weather to shave/wax/epilate every bloody day and I certainly don't want to deal with those horrid in-between days either. And don't get me started on those in-grown babies, urgh. There are many offers flying around with Groupon at the moment but I have to say that for something this intimate I went on personal recommendation, so I went to Sk:n in Victoria, London. The staff there are really lovely and compelety put me as ease straight away, depite my slight panic beforehand after a friend at work told me it was "the most painful thing ever." It wasn't the most painful, but i'm not gonna lie, it wasn't exactly pleasant.

The wonderful Garance Dore (girlfriend of Scott Schuman of The Satorialist fame) also had it done last year. If you've never been to her blog before check it out. She is not only an amazing fashion photographer but an amazing writer too. It's her writting that always draws me in. She is incredibly witty and typically French, writing how I can only image exactly as she talks, something I love. Here is a sample of her conversation that she posted on her blog when she decided to 'rid the bush' (you can check out the whole post here).


“Wait wait wait Garance… Garance? Wait but Garance but but but Garance Garance Garance…”


“You haven’t yet?” a slight iciness in her voice.

“Wait, what?”

“Gotten lasered! No no no no no. You haven’t gotten lasered yet?”

“Bah no! Why, did you yourself or something?”

“Bah ouais, bien sûr!”

I turn toward Marie, “Wait, you had it done Marie?”

“Bah ouais! This way I’m always at my best. And now there is no reason to say no to going back home with a guy. Such a tragedy. My life since : devil may care. You want me to tell you about my devil-may-care lifestyle?”

Okay, maybe not on here. But no worries, just in case, I’m not using your real name. And Laeti, save me here. Tell me you didn’t do it too?

“Oh yes I did! Bien sûr. What do you take me for? Smooth as a baby’s bottom all day every day.”

Merde. But this isn’t happening. I got an appointment straight-away with my dear dermo and a few days later, I’m wearing some pink panties with bows on them, some protective sunglasses very Margielaesque, or almost at least, pink ones sitting right atop my nose.

“Those have to be Fifi Chachnil!!!” my beautician says to me pointing a laser at my crotch.

“H&M” I say back with a sly chuckle.


Dove post will be tomorrow i'm afraid as I totally forgot to transfer the photos from my camera, doh! xx

Monday, 23 August 2010

Like birds of a feather

Saturday was the most perfect of days. Up early and at the Dove event by mid-morning (i'll post all about this tomorrow) and then bridesmaid dress shopping with my bessies. And we actually got the dresses! We were expecting to make a few trips to different shops (there are five bridesmaids ranging from 12-27, yes, i'm the oldest, doh!) but we all agreed on the same one, result. And we got to see the wedding dress. She looks absolutley stunning in it. Cullers is the first of my close, close friends (the inner circle so to speak) to get married and i'm so excited for her. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with her family, drinking all her mums wine and prosecco and chatting away merrily, a perfect Saturday really!

I'm loving this shade of grey on my nails. What do you think? This was the end result of my free manicure on Sat and i'm still chipless, wonderful!

After all the chat last week about headgear, and Georgi's comments about feathers being a 'timeless classic', it reminded me about this feather headband I bought a little while back but hadn't got round to wearing yet. Does anyone else buy things online and during the waiting period wonder how on earth you are going to survive without that and then for some reason or other when it arrives you just don't get around to wearing it? Just me? Ok then! I got this headband a few weeks ago from an independent ebay seller who makes all her own stuff. She has a pretty collection of headbands, fascinators and clips and everything is very reasonably priced, get involved! I love the highstreet but it's good to support all the independent sellers out there who do an amazing job, go DIY-ers!

This is my go-to comfy dress for when i'm lacking in inspiration. One of my bessies used to work at Topshop and every now and then would give me a bagful of sample stuff (oh how I miss those days!). This was one of those dresses and one of the few sample pieces that has actually stood the test of time as it must be about three years old now. Do you have a go-to dress when you're having an off-day?

Dress: Sample from Topshop // Leggings: H&M
// Shoes: Primark // Feather headband: eBay

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and wishes for my first blogger event. Apologies if I sounds all gushy but receiving your comments means so much. It's great to know that people are actually reading my little ol' blog, let alone taking the time to write on it. Massive thanks to you lot - you inspire me to keep on with my random brain dumps and my 'outfits of the day' - even when I feel like poop I want to take the photos to share with you, so big thanks! xoxo

Friday, 20 August 2010

Pussycat, pussycat, I love you...

No fashion or style today peeps. Instead a little Friday fun from Simon's cat. People say you're either a cat person, or a dog person. I'm the former and the Bot and I desperately want to get one, but both agree we're not ready for the commitment just yet!

If you have a cat you'll be able to relate to this. Simon is extremely witty and his cat, well, how can you resist...

Have wonderful weekends all.

I've got my first blogger event tomorrow at the Sanctum
Soho Hotel for Dove VisibleCare and Visible effects. I know it's not cool but I am very excited. My first venuture as a blogger, he he! And then i'm off bridesmaid shopping and house-partying and most definitely relaxing. It's been an exhausting week so I need some chill-out time.

Enjoy lovelies xoxo

Thursday, 19 August 2010

'aving a right old knees up

Pussycat doll (I can't remember the source i'm afraid)

All images are sourced from LookBook.nu

This trend has been bubbling away for a while now, but as we edge into autumn will you be embracing this look? Over-the-knee socks act as a sort of shoe/boot extension, a mock thigh-boot if you will. But much cheaper than real leather. There are the obvious 'cautions' to watch out for. I'm not one to impose rules, far from it, but these are just my topline thoughts. For starters I don't think this is a look you're gonna be wearing to work. Office work that is. Unless you're looking for a quick promotion of course. And I really think you might have to have 'yoof' on your side. I'm not slapping an age limit on here, but this look could quite easily ignite the term 'mutton dressed as lamb'. I'm just saying. That being said, I frickin- love this look and if I had the legs, i'd jumping on that bandwagon in a heartbeat. If fact, I may still jump on, but maybe within the safe walls of home, and only so I can practise my best Risky Business impression.

Happy Thursday lovelies xoxo

and on a little side note, if you regularly read my blog why not let me know by following me with Google Friend Connect. All you have to do is click on the icon on the left of the blog and sign in using Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo etc. I'd love to know if you are reading, it would mean the world. Thanks guys xx

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scarfing it up

Sorry for being so slack the last couple of days. Work has been crazy busy, i've been too tired to take any shots, let alone post any on the blog. But i'm back, "phew!" I hear you cry (did you even notice i'd gone?!)

At the beginning of the
month Liberty showcased some step-by-setp guides on how to tie a scarf. After reading about it again on Susie Bubble's blog (i know it's called Style Bubble, I just always called it Susie Bubble, i'm sure she won't mind) it inspired me to have a little play around too. If like me you only wash your hair every other day, despite the life-saving amazing product that is dry shampoo, I still feel like my hair is a little 'blah' on the in-between days. Et voila, add a bit of scarf-age and you're heading for happy-head town in a jiffy.

The Bot and I are real homies (and by that I don't mean like we are totally street) - we really love being at home. So that, combined with my love of The Wizard of OZ, led me to stick this quote on the corridor by the entrance to our house. It reads, "There's no place like home." Glenda the good witch couldn't have been more right.

Jeans: BDG// Jumper: UO // Shoes: Primark // Scarf: Present from the lovely Lucy

Anyone else feeling that distinctive autumnal smell in the air? The seasons are defintely on the change and now my little booties have had their first outing i'm on a one-way ticket to autumn-ville and welcoming my alter-wardrobe with pleasure. One thing I have noticed though is that there seem to be two camps forming with regards to the changing season.

1. In the first camp you have those who have accepted that summer is enevitably over and are happy to dig out their old warmer-wardrobe and happily walk down to the tube enjoying that perfect blue sky and the hint of freshness in the air (I am most definitely in this camp).

2. And in the other corner you have those women who seem to be desperately clinging on to the last gasps of summer, and despite news in the papers and the weather-people stating that autumn is here, they refuse to believe. They still don their summer floral flocks and scuffle to work in their flip-flops and then moan when (and I really can't believe they're surprised) it rains. Errr hello, have you forgotten where we live?

So which camp are you in?

Happy (little bit left of) Wednesday lovely readers xoxo