Monday, 19 July 2010

Will you be my Mikey?

Did you have a fab weekend? Mine was quite low-key on account of the dodge tums but the highlight had to be the Lambeth Country Fair on Sunday. While thousands of trendies headed over to Victoria Park for Lovebox, the rest of us headed to Brockwell Park. It's such a fun day out and everyone from the local community comes down to join in the fun. We saw horse jousting, owls, sheep, a fire heath & saftey display from the rather lovely London firebrigade, an amazing steel band (they played old school tunes, amazing on a steel band) and of course lots of dancing to some fab tunes from the Saxon Sound System.

My camera broke after about an hour but here a few images:

Patrick the Donkey
(does anyone remember that Dominic the Donkey song?!)

The Bot and I failed to dress weather-appropriate yesterday, although in fairness when we left the house in jeans it was overcast and not looking promising. It did however turn in to a scorchio day which resulted in a lot of moaning on both sides until the amazing Vanessa came to the rescue. She very kindly lent me a dress but before you see the pics I should explain. I was originally wearing dark skinny jeans, pale nude vest and a spotty scarf tie in a bow in my hair. The Bot kept saying I looked like Minnie Mouse, pah! Anyways, I go to Vanessa's house to grab a dress and what does she happen to have? The perfect spotty Minnie Mouse dress - how could I resist? Now I know it was pretty much overkill on the spots, but I was loving it. It's also not a style i'd normally go for but I loved it. I felt I was chanelling my inner child - does anyone else feel like they get more immature with age? Anyways, spot on spot, I can see a trend emerging fo sho!

Dress: H&M sale
Shoes: Primark
Scarf in hair: Carboot sale
Nail Varnish: Coral by Revlon

Happy Monday lovelies, xo


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