Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What's new pussycat 14.07.10

half head, half surface. A he-face if you will.

muuuuuch better to focus on the half put together bike in the garden than me, totally agree mr camera

Meet Mr. Bird. I think he's a Christmas decoration but I like how he looks after the spices now. The spice rack is from Ikea which I colour washed with paint.

Oversize baggy t-shirt: Asos
Skirt: BDG via UO
Wedges: Barratts (i know, can yo believe it?)
Earrings: Claires

...and this is what happens when the boyf isn't around and I think I can take pictures without a tripod. Yup, all these photos where taken by balancing the camera on various surfaces around the kitchen. Which is why most of them are out of shot and blurry and some have only half my head. But I kinda like that effect!

This skirt was one of my other UO sale purchases. It's a little short than i'd normally go for but in this hot weather it's been fine. The material is a sort of waffly-effect, if you know what I mean. My friend said I looked a little Nelly Furtado - esk with my fringe and earings like this, ha ha. I wish I could wear my hair like this more often but as I cycle to work and have stubborn annoying hair it just ain't practical i'm afraid. Plus if i'm honest I change my mind so often that I quite like the suprise of an occasional fringe.

I found a new photo tool today which I think i'm going to be taking full advantage of. I love, love, love Polariod pictures but in this digital age, for me, it's just not practical. Well, the lovely people at Polaroid have come up with a genius tool that turns your pics into Polaroids - amazing, non?

Here's my first pic as a poloraid - love the serpia/old feel the photo now has. It just needs a little handwritten note and it would be perfect.

It's the happy half week point - almost there kids. xoxo


  1. I love your skirt and the off the shoulder shirt!



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