Friday, 9 July 2010

What's new pussycat 09.07.10

Dress: Primark (2 years ago) £11
Shirt: H&M £14.99
Sandals: Old, not sure
Necklace: Portobello market £10
Ring: Not sure £2
Nail varnsih: Boots 17

I'm so lucky that I work right next to a park, and the river Thames. Although the office is sweltering in this heat (no air con, argghhhh!), it's so nice to be able to step outside into calm and coolness of the breezy park.
I'm feeling quite 'pink ladies' esque in these pics, i think it's the collar and the nailvarnish. Must try channeling my inner Rizzo. omg, you have to read the film plot on wiki, it's hilarious!

This shirt from H&M is fab. You can't see it here but it has a little elasticated waist that pulls it in just enough to give it a bit of shape. And the necklace I picked up at Portobello market - I love the woven gold effect, v vintaaaaaage.

Big thanks to Sash again for the photography, such a star, and the only reason i've been able to do four posts in one week, yay! xx

ps post on last night coming later


  1. Pssst...
    You won the peacock ring from the Designer Apparel giveaway!!! :)

    I need your address.

  2. your surroundings are beautiful.
    I really like the pictures :)

    Abi. x

    I am Abimarvel.


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