Thursday, 1 July 2010

What's new pusscat? 1.07.10

Arrgghh, today is just one of those stressful days where i'm trying to cram a gazillion things into a few short hours. We've got a company meeting this afternoon and then the summer party so time is short!

A lovely little parcel arrived for me on Saturday morning full of my UO sale purchases. I got lucky! The poor postmant who woke me up at 08.40 did not. I was almost tempted to ignore the doorbell as I was feeling a little groggy from the Bot's birthday celebrations the night before, but then I remembered i'd placed an order, so I found the strength*.

So, this is one of the skirts I bought - isn't the little heart pattern so cute? I have to say, i'm not really a leg kinda girl, I wasn't built that way. I'm a classic pear shaped so waist up, all good. Waist down, avoid like the plague. My legs are functional, they get me from A-B. I used to be a runner was I was like 11-13. In fact, I was pretty good; County and District champion at 100m and 200m. I digress, as usual. My point being, I really don't like my legs so tend to keep them covered up. Tights are fine, but bare legs on me freak me out a little (I know, i'm a bit weird). Anyway, the heat is just way too much for me at the mo and the Bot has convinced me that me legs aren't the huge monsters I make them out to be, so i'm embracing the bear legs. I'll admit, i'm not 100% confortable, but i'm getting there.

Enjoy your Thursday m'darlings xoxo

*I know, I know, i'm exaggerting, I do this a lot. Take me with a pinch of salt most of the time, tends to work best! x


  1. yay for giant parcel deliveries! Online shopping is the best! I love the print of your skirt- really sweet xxx

  2. Ah stressss! I've had it today too hon, at least you're not alone!
    At least this gorgeous skirt arrived, you look great in it ;)


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