Monday, 12 July 2010

Inspire me up

The umbrella, the shoes and the way he ties his belt; i want to be his friend. And i'll defo be copying the belt tie, so simples

Beautiful Pandora. The lace and the hat conjour feelings of romance and nostalgia

The rolled up mac + ankle grazers = one chic well put together guy

Loving the flowers in the hair

Blazer - check
Socks with sandals - check
Waist cinching belt - check
Oversize tan brown - check

The Beatles had it right when they said "All you need is love"

Scallop detailing on the shirt - enough said

70's boho - take me there

Nude on nude + lace and ruffles, great combo

I am constantly influenced by the people around me, the things I see, the things I read and the things I do. The blogging community are a constant source of inspiration and allow you to see personal street styles from around the world.

Real outfits put together by real people.

(all these images were found via LookBook - a great website that allows people to post their daily outfits)

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  1. I love these. The shot with the 'love' capey-thing is stunning.



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