Thursday, 15 July 2010

I can't stand the rainnnnn

Urgh I am so over this rain. I know i'm in London and i'm fully aware that this is how our summers are supposed to be but I had just got used to the heat and al fresco lifestyle and now you've taken it away from me. My hair is suffering too. This morning I decided not to cycle (on account of the rain and tornado like winds) so I thought, "why not have a fringe today?" seeing as I don't have to cycle. As Julia Roberts exclaims in Pretty Woman when she goes back to the shop where the shop assistants previously wouldn't serve her, "Big mistake, big, huge!" (and I'd like to go shopping now but i'm at work - watch the clip, it will make sense). The fringe is rocking more waves than Hawaii.

So, moving on to more positive things, I thought i'd post a couple of pics i'd seen around that made me smile:

The Satorialist

I want to be this woman. The vibrant sunshine yellow of her dress contrasted with the striking electric blue of the cardigan drapped so casually over her shoulders. The casually slicked back ponytail teamed with geek glasses. The simple thin tan belt cinching in the waist with the oversize taupe bag. And then the shoes. This woman should be in a superhero film.

And how can you not love a simple message like this.

Source: FFFFound!

The weekend countdown is on. I'm off to see the
Tatty Divine/Supermarket Sarah shop on Brick Lane tonight - will report back tomorrow.

Happy Thursday lovelies xo

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  1. That yellow dress is a-mazing!
    And tell me about it, the rain is so annoying!
    Ah yeah the primark necklace...I love it too :) thanks for your comment!


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