Thursday, 8 July 2010

Brands behaving badly

There seems to be a bit of a trend going on between brands and bloggers. And this isn't not a trend you or I are going to be celebrating any time soon.

Back in May Betty of Le Blog de Betty found her image had been used on on Zara t-shirt. This wasn't a collaboration, Zara had used her image without permission. She wasn't happy, and nor were her followers.

Well it seems to have happened again to Louise of Pandora fame, but this time the brand in question is Pepe.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is ok? Should the bloggers be flattered their images have been used at all? Take it as a compliment?

Each time the brand has failed to ask permission for the use of image. Even if the image had been bought via a design agency, someone somewhere along the chain knows there are stealing the image. Why did the brand not think to engage with the blogger and co-create the piece of clothing? This partnership could have resulted in a lot a positive, and free, coverage for the brand. Instead the brand has alienated not only two influential bloggers, but all of their (international) readers.

So was it worth it?


  1. I was really choked to know that zara did something like that.

    Takes the brands credibility

    xxx kissmequick

  2. I couldn't believe that Zara did that. I didn't even know about Pandora too. Lawsuit, me thinks? haha!

  3. Lawsuit indeed ladies. Apparantly Paperchase did the same thing a few months ago with an artist called Hidden Eloise. They stole her design and printed them on their bags. You can find out more here -


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