Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What's new pusscat? 23.06.10

Another scoorchio day in London town today. I am LOVING cycling to work at the moment, everyone seems so much happier and i'm constantly taken back to childhood memories of cycling everwhere and running through sprinklers (hmm, it sounds like I lived in the 50s, maybe i've created these memories and they didn't actually happen, but they sound nice, non?).

So here is my outfit post from Saturday night, before I went out. I wasn't feeling particularly inspired so I went to my "safe" BDG jeans that I picked up in New York last year and teamed it with this lacy top and a necklace, simples.

(my friend called me while the Bot was talking the pictures, i'm not just posing!)

Top: Fred & Florence at Tesco (simliar version online here)
Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters (similar ones found here on the UK site)
Shoes: Marks & Spencers
Necklace: Asos

What do you think about the shoes? I picked them up at Christmas from Marks & Spencers and I was pretty impressed. I had originally gone there to buy a nude vest (what else do people go to M&S for if it's not underwear?) but got sidetracked by the shoes which were pretty good, and comfy! I think as well you get a certain confidence from M&S products that they're going to be of a certain quality.

I've just ordered a few things from the Urban Outfitters online sale - check it out, there are some awesome bargains to be had! I've ordered two skirts, some funky socks, a lacey top (can you actually ever have too much lace?) and I think that's it, hmmmm, is it bad when you can't remember what you've ordered? Ah shoot me, it's my money!

And here's a more normal picture of me looking like a doofus, what a tool!

My wonderful company are giving everyone the afternoon off to watch the England match - isn't that awesome of them? Love it. Come on England!!

Big love one and all xxx

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