Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The weekend that I never wanted to end

As promised, full details of the weekend. It really was one of the best weekends of my life (and it wasn’t even my birthday). The Bot turned 30, which is pretty momentous in itself, but the weekend was just amazing.

Friday night we hung out with friends at The Grand Union in Brixton. We (and when we say we, I mean he) had left organising a venue until the very last minute and Friday afternoon was spent desperately searching for a venue with a lot of outside space due to the intense heat (I know, it sounds weird saying that about London, right?). The night was awesome though – booze + sunshine + my bestest friends. Doesn’t get much better, right?

(crazy birthday glasses, love em!)

Ah ha, queue Stevie Wonder and he trumps the lot. I mean, he was A-mazing. I really felt like I was in the presence of a LEGEND. The Bot and I have both wanted to see him for ages and when the chance came to get tickets and combine it with his 30th, no excuses were needed.

But wait, it gets better. He pulled out a lot of the classics; Superstitious, Isn’t She Lovely etc, etc. But the best bit was when he sang Happy Birthday to Ronan – incredible! (ok, I must admit it wasn’t actually to Ronan, but it felt pretty special all the same.)

Please excuse my singing, I got rather excited!

And then the final *special moment* of the night. Remember how I’ve been taking about My Girl of late, here and here. Well, talk about things coming in threes. Stevie only bloody starts singing My Girl! Now, I don’t know about you but do you not think that’s a bit weird? Old film, even older song, and then my legend starts singing it too. I was shocked. Mouth open, jaw dropping. Don’t you love it when random things like that happen?

So, that’s Friday and Saturday done. We’re getting a bit tired but the weekend is not yet over. Yup, all the kids from Friday night pile back to ours for an all day BBQ/football/boozy day. It was brill. The football, well, blind faith can only get you so far, it was bound to end sooner or later. And now at least we can focus on the tennis and add in a dash more blind faith for Murray. Is this his year? Doubtful, but seeing as the football is over we might as well back him!

So, I hope you enjoy all the piccies from the weekend.
And a massive thank you to all our friends for making it truly one to remember for a very long time. Love you long time xoxo

(p.s. i'm having real trouble with uploading photos side-by-side, i'm literally pulling my hair out! I've started uploading my photos to photobucket, and then resizing the images, and then using a code I found on the net, but my images seem to be absolutely huge, and don't fit on the page. If anyone has any tips or anything please, please let me know! And apologies for the random posting a moment ago! Merci buckets xx)


  1. I struggle with getting pictures the way I want on my blog too ... I"ll be following your comments to see if anyone has good info. Until then, hope you're having a great week!

  2. great blog claz! V. jealous of Stevie Wonder!


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