Monday, 21 June 2010

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats"

Morning lovelies, the sun is shining which always = a happy clara, how can you not smile when it's so lovely. Oh, that's right, when you have to sit in an office for 8 hours. Nope, still smiling!

So how was your weekend?
I've had a lovely weekend; watching the footy with friends, shopping, birthday drinkies (even though I ended up feeling very bad) and the most wonderful walk in the sunshine yesterday.Have you ever been to Little Venice? Nope, nor had I but the Bot and I drove up to Maida Vale and walked along Regent's canal - I thoroughly recommend doing it if you're ever in London. The canal was originally opened in 1820 to link the Grand Junction Canal's Paddington arm with the Thames. It's a lovely scenic walk which will take you about 45 minutes and you get to look in to the gardens of the most amazing houses too! If you know me, you'll know how much I love looking at others peoples houses and I love house hunting!
random cow on the balcony

The walk takes you past London Zoo where you can see some of the warthogs and bird, pretty cool, and then the walk goes straight into Camden market, one of my favourite places in London. I'm sorry I didn't take any shots here but i've been coming to Camden pretty much all my life so it felt weird to suddenly be photographing it! In fact, I was actually born in Hampstead and on my birth certificate it says 'Borough of Camden' - cool huh?

Whenever the Bot and I go to Camden we always get lunch from the same place, this little Spanish stall that sells cornbread with a delicious shredded beef, cheese and refried beans filling, it's delicious. And it's such a treat for the Bot and I because we're both wheat/gluten free - not out of choice but we both suffer from IBS. We're pretty lucky that we both have it - it makes life a whole lot easier when it comes to eating in/out as it means we rarely go to an Italian and never order pizza. I know, I used to eat pizza ALL the time, but I can't really complain, it does force you to be healthier, even if everything is way more expensive. Anyway, we were buying our lunch and I asked the guy if you could just buy the cornbread to take home and he's like, in his spanish accent "are you wheat, free?" and i'm like, "yeah, wheat and gluten free" and he says, "I give you a present" and gives me two extra cornbreads for free, how nice is that? Honestly, it's little things like that that restore my faith in humanity (it doesn't take much, just a little gesture for me to get all warm and fuzzy!).

Here are some other cool pics from our walk
Happy Monday lovelies xoxo

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