Sunday, 13 June 2010

2700 miles later...

...and we're home!

The Bot and I have had a fab couple of weeks driving around France and camping out. Until last year I'd never even been camping so I was entirely sure how well i'd cope but it was awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hotel but it was great getting back to basics and being outside the whole time. And cooking breakfast on a camping cooker outside on the grass was tres cool.

While we were in Biarritz (right near the border to Spain) we stayed at this amazing campsite, Royal Pavillion, which had a private access to the beach so each morning having a cuppa tea looking out over the sea, gorgeous! Biarritz is a great surfing spot and the waves were pretty big. The Bot and I got some boogie boards but we spent most of the time being thrown about and eating sand, ha ha! Oh and one day we drove to San Sabastian in Spain, if you ever get the chance you have to go, it's gorge and in my opinion way better than Barca!

As you'll see from the map above we pretty much covered all four corners of France. In the most part it was down to my desperate search for sun! The Bot was surprisingly patient, but every time the sky clouded over I declared the need to 'move on' - I know it's vain but when you live in a country which ain't exactly famed for it's weather, when you go on holiday you want to get a tan, non? We spent the last three days in St. Tropez, so I now have a real St. Tropez tan!

Anyway, it's great to be back home, even if that does mean back to reality, eek! Hope you've all been good, I heard the weather hasn't been too bad here (why is it us Brits always talk about the weather, hmm?!).

I'll try and post some pics tomorrow, for some reason the connection is playing up.

Toot sweet mon cheries (my franglais has improved no end) xx

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