Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I before E except after C

So no post yesterday as I was out of the office on the grammar training course. Now my grammar isn't great, and I was once told by my english teacher never to take an 'essay' course, but apparantly i'm not that bad! I do wish however, that someone had taught me all the rules before I went to university, it might have come in pretty handy! (and in case you're wondering, I received a 2:1 from Loughborough University in Communications and Media Studies, so there Mr Barratt!)

So can you spot the mistakes in the following signs?The second is my favourite. The guy who originally posted the image on this website said - "Any warning from an illiterate should be taken seriously." Love it - i'm in no way a snob, but I love his sentiment!

After my course I took a little trip into Soho and Covent Garden to get some much needed clothes for my holiday next week. Maxi dresses are everywhere! As a gal who is bottom heavy the mini skirt certainly is not my friend, but the maxi dress is hoorah! I ended up buying two maxi dresses, a pair of hareem trousers (an ode to MC Hammer) and some hot pants from New Look. Now I know I just said that i'm bottom heavy but the Bot has been going on and on about me wearing shorts, reassuring me that my legs aren't the mahoosive tree trunks I make out they are, so I bought some. Whether i'll actually wear them is another thing, but I think they could come in handy on the bike rides we'll be taking. And on another quick note, have you been to New Look lately? I went to the Oxford Street store and they have got a serious amount of good stuff in their at the moment, loving it! And cheapy too, love a good bargain!

Toot sweet for now xx

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